Tea Time Thursday: Punks In Space

Published on July 2nd, 2009

Goodness gracious me, this week has been an absolute killer for me physically and mentally. I’ve not had enough sleep, I’ve been drunk most of the time, and I’ve been travelling around the country, spending more money than I should have on various bits and bobs from sculpture to tattoos.

Punk in SpaceSo it’s slightly ironic that this week, I would talk about a comic that’s completely crazy in nature and far from the normalities of which we are all accustomed to to live our lives. This week’s UK comic, is called Punks In Space #1, created by artist and writter Harry Shotton, this comic delivers pretty much what it says on the tin, metaphorically speaking. This is a short comic book about punks… in space.

I was immediatly drawn to this comic because of the awesome front cover. The artwork on here, and in the interiors is a style that I like a lot, as it reminded me of one of my favourite comic book artists, Gabriel Ba. So needless to say, I loved the artwork in this book a lot. The inking is superb and the panel layouts are what make this comic really work for me.

The story itself is short, very short, but you get two halves to the story and all in all, it holds together well and the underlieing theme of the book is what keeps it all together. The story is pretty simple in this first issue; A group of punks are trying to make their way to a pub on one side of the galaxy, only to find that the pub has been mysteriously destroyed. As for an introduction to the characters, there was none, but I didn’t find it essential to know their names from the get-go, all you need too know is that they’re punks, and they want to drink! The dialouge moves the story along nicely, but it’s mainly (as I’ve said), the general theme and idea of the story that makes it a cohesive read.

It’s a sci-fi tale of punks in space, what more can I say? It had great artwork, and although the story was a little short, it was enjoyable and I want to read more!

Rob Andrews