Tea Time Thursday: Europe

Published on July 23rd, 2009

A very good evening to you Comic Impact readers! Do bare with me this week, as I do not have a comic to talk about as such, but I wanted to let you know what I am setting out to do over the next 2 weeks, and talk a little bit about something which links to what I am setting out to do.

I spontaneously decided to take a trip around Europe with one of my close friends, where we will have 2 weeks of travelling on the interrail, visiting various cities throughout the European mainland. I am very excited, as I really love Europe as a whole and its culture. I have certainly been very busy this past week getting things ready, as this was a very quick decision to go so soon, so I’ve had a lot of booking and sorting out to do! Needless to say, I’ve had no chance to pick up any comic books, so I’m falling behind on my mainstream comic reading (which is a complete disaster), but I’ve found a slot this evening (at 11.30pm) to fit in a Tea Time Thursday!

In my excitement to set out on this trip, I thought about what I could do while traveling around that would be comic related. I aim to see what comics I can pick up in the various cities across Europe, and compare them, and talk about them once I get back. Whether they will be written in English or not, we shall have to wait and see, but I want to try and explore what is out there in Europe itself and not just the United Kingdom. asterix

Other than that, when I was also thinking about Europe and it’s comics, I remembered that my Grandad was a huge fan of Asterix and Obelix, and he had a lot of the hardback comics in his lounge. I remembered reading them a few years back, and how much I enjoyed them (this was before I was into comic books ‘full time’ per say). These Asterix and Obelix comics my Grandad had were outstanding. Originally published for the first time in French during the late ’50s, these comics are a great adventure for the reader, and the modern retellings of their adventures have spawned a huge franchise branching out into movies and more books over the years. The bright, bold colouring of these comics is breathtaking and such fun, and the comical writing is truly unique, taking Asterix and Obelix into a whole new world of its own.

When I’m out in Europe over the next few weeks, these are the kind of comic books I will be looking out for, and who knows, I hope to find some old Asterix and Obelix comics or some newer published reprints to digest and enjoy while I’m out there. So I’ll see you all once I return from my journey, and hopefully, I’ll be back with a bunch of interesting comics from other countries across The Land!

Simon tells me that during the following 2 weeks of my absence, he has some British comics to talk about in my stead, so stay tuned for those! See you all soon! Au revoir!

Rob Andrews