Tea Time Thursday: Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter

Published on July 9th, 2009

This week’s article is a first for Tea Time Thursday, even though I haven’t been doing them that long, but nevertheless this is still a first; I am going to talk about a comic by the same creator (writer/artist) whose other book I covered a few weeks back. Call this favouritism, or whatever you want, but really, I just liked the work by this guy on his other comic so I had to check out more of his other stuff!

This week’s book is called Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter and it’s written and drawn by Marc Ellerby, whose previous work, Ellerbisms, was the first I had ever read by him.

chloenoonanAfter enjoying Ellerbisms, I saw Monster Hunter and thought that it would be in my best interest to check it out! And low and behold, this comic by Marc is even better than the first!

The premise for Monster Hunter is very simple; there is a girl called Chloe Noonan and she is a monster hunter. She has no super power, she just rides the bus and hunts monsters and carries around bombs in her bag! She is also in a band and what we can gather from this is that there are a few difficulties in trying to balance her band career with her secret life as monster hunter! The writting is great, it really is, it’s fun and energetic (and very much for fans of the Scott Pilgrim comic)! The dialogue is entertaining and humours and sets up the two characters in this issue very well, distinguishing very clearly who they are. You can almost put voices to them in your head as to how you think they would sound in real life- It’s fun stuff!

The comic does a good job of summing up English life as well, what with the fish and chip store, and how the characters and people interact in a very lax British manner. So it’s great to see that.

The artwork is similar to Ellerbisms, still keeping that cartoony imagery going. But there is much more attention payed to the look of the environments in this book: from the towns and buildings, to the forest where she hunts a monster, they are very detailed and well drawn to fit in with the cartoony characters! I must commend Marc on his ability to also draw great facial expressions as they are always very charismatic!

So this is one great issue to check out, it’s got a lot of pages and is published on a lovely finished paper and very well presented! As before, the link to his website is www.marcellerby.com and this issue costs you £2.80! Which is cheap for the amount of great art and story you get in here!

There is a note that suggests Marc intends to continue his Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter story in another comic due to come out soon. So I’ll be ready for that!

Rob Andrews