Casting News: Green Lantern

Published on July 10th, 2009

Ryan Reynolds!! It is official from WB themselves! Reynolds beat out the likes of other young Hollywood stars to hold the ring in this huge budget space/super hero film with director Martin Campbell and writers Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Eli Stone), Marc Guggenheim (Law & Order, Eli Stone) and Michael Green (Smallville, Heroes). The film will hit theatres June 17th 2011 and has a reported budget of $150 million. They are going to start shooting in Fox Studios Australia in January.


Having talked to Guggenheim, he promised Simon and I that the actor would be a Green Lantern for the fans. Ok guys and girls… what do you think?

This has been a long time coming for many. Lets start a nice, civil discussion about the casting… I can tell you Simon and I have already been talking and while we don’t LOVE it, we don’t think it’s bad casting either.

We also know that Reynolds was up to play Deadpool in a stand alone movie for Marvel, but this kinda puts the stop button on that!!! Looks like Simon might get his wish to see Sean William Scott play Deadpool after all!!

Your thoughts…?

Sheldon Lee