Review: Uncanny X-Men First Class #1

Published on July 9th, 2009

I don’t know how many of you comic fans out there (which should be all of you if you’re on this site) have any interest in Marvel’s First Class line of books (which focus completely on X-Men related teams and characters, retelling stories of their early adventures), but I wanted to write a little article for those of us who do read them.

Now, I’m a big fan of  the second run of X-Men First Class which was canceled a few months back. I had my beef with it in some of the issues but generally, I read them all and liked what I was reading.

uncannyxmenfirst1So this week marks the start of a new ongoing series entitled Uncanny X-Men First Class, bringing characters like Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Storm into the genre. To tell you the truth, I’m excited for this series to see what it has to offer in future issues.

I only thought about picking it up when I was in my local comic store today and saw it on the bottom shelf with only a few copies remaining, and having a couple of extra pounds left over from lunch, I decided “what the hell, I liked First Class before, so this could be good!”. One thing that did appeal to me about this, and that really made me want to buy it even more, was that Roger Cruz is back on the artwork, as he was the artist on X-Men First Class, and I loved his art! So his name was the boost I needed to check this book out!

Low and behold, it was actually impressive! I have to commend Scott Gray the writer on his work in this issue. It’s simple for new readers to check out, and it’s enjoyable and refreshing for those of us who know these characters and their early adventures well. It mainly focuses on Nightcrawler and the trouble he is having fitting in with the outside world due to his devilish appearance, and it did a great job in further explaining through a great little story, how he thinks, what his troubles are, and ultimately, who he is! The twist is that The Inhumans come in and show Nightcrawler a life in Attilan, where people who are not human can live normal lives amongst their own kind! It leads to some drastic conclusions to be continued next time, as Nightcrawler gets into a brawl and realizes that Attilan is not really as ‘great’ as he originally thought.

Roger Cruz is in top form as usual here with his artwork and the writing is fun! What else can be said? This is a fun comic book! I advise those of you who have stayed away from Marvel’s First Class books, to go and check out X-Men First Class Volume 2 and to then give this series a try!

I give Uncanny X-Men First Class #1 my seal of approval and hope that it stays as enjoyable and fun in future issues. That is, after all, what the purpose of these comics is meant to be- ‘fun’! I thought I’d just let you know, because I don’t see the First Class line of books getting much notice around the internet!

Rob Andrews