Pull List: July 15th 2009

Published on July 14th, 2009


So this week ‘Blackest Night‘ finally kicks off as everyone has been anxiously awaiting it’s debut! Yet some of my favorite comics are also coming out, such as Dead@17, Air, and the end of Joe Kelly’s American Son story in Amazing Spider-Man. Plus, an all new Doctor Who as an ongoing monthly series by Tony Lee, and I know Andy is looking forward to Fallen Angel: Reborn #1 and Poe #1 (yes, it’s about the horror author). Who really cares what Andy likes though,as it’s my turn for the POW (Pick of the Week), and it’s going to be a tough decision! So check out what else the Comic Impact staff is reading by scanning out Pull List:

Andy’s Pull List

Simon’s Pull List

Sheldon’s Pull List

I guess you’ll just have wait and found out during this weeks POW where the best of the best will be revealed! The guys have all different viewpoints and tastes in comics which leads to debates, friendly insults, and ridiculous revelations. So be sure to join us every week for our POW podcast here at Comic Impact!

Simon Daoudi