POW July 15th 2009:Blackest Night #1

Published on July 18th, 2009

Hey there Comic Impact listeners- we’re back with another edition of the POW (Pick of the Week), and this time around I have the pick and it should come as no surprise what issue earned the honors! Andy’s back too after being relieved by Rob on the previous show, so join him, Me, and Sheldon as they talk about New Mutants #3, Captain America #601, Fallen Angel: Reborn #1, Streets of Gotham #2, Doctor Who #1, Air #11, Dead @ 17 #2, Dark Avengers #7, Amazing Spider-Man #599, Deadpool #12, Titans #15, Tales of the Corps #1, and the Pick of the Week- Blackest Night #1! Whew!

Also listen in for Sheldon’s (annoying) new catch phrase, Andy’s love for cat-Beast, My theory on how the Black Lanterns will be defeated, and to hear about the mysterious comic book bandit running around Los Angeles! All of this and more when you download the POW!


Simon Daoudi


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