Collecting: New Marvel Legends 2 Pack

Published on July 3rd, 2009

Hasbro has  sent out  this news  for fans of the 6″ Marvel Legends line. It looks like they want you, the fans, to  pick their next Marvel Legends 2 Packs!

There’s a new wave of Marvel Legends 2 Packs on the way in 2010 and you help to decide who’s in them.  The basics are simple – six total characters, you pick three and we pick three.  Sound like fun?  Voting for this all new Fan’s Choice will start on July 22nd when we reveal all of the possible choices at San Diego Comic Con.  Some of them you might expect to see, some of them might take you by surprise, but you can bet your Sweet Aunt Petunia that they all could make a great addition to your Marvel Legends collection!  We’ve sent along three images to give you a small taste of what’s in store.  Enjoy!

The images show Lady Bullseye ( Why the fuck would I want a Lady Bullseye figure), Multiple Man which is fine with me, and the last one is Warpath who looks like he would kill your unborn and enjoy it. I would love to see more X-Men figures since I have a shelf full of them next to my Mac here at home. Right now I am looking at a shelf full of Marvel Legends X-Men figures.  I do love my  x-men. But I don’t want ANY MORE WOLVERINE FIGURES.


Like most new figures that come out, we’ll have reviews of them in future editions of Figure Friday. Stay tuned to Comic Impact for more on the new Marvel Legends fan voting event!

Simon Daoudi