Collecting: Blackest Night Figures Wave 1-4 SPOILERS

Published on July 2nd, 2009

So Captain America is back… or is he? I guess you just have to wait untill this week’s POW (Pick of the week) podcast to find out!  But let’s talk about the next big event this summer in comics that is over five years in the making- Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night where “The Dead Shall Rise.”

IGN has posted an interview with DC Direct discussing their plans for the upcoming “Blackest Night” toy line, including a look at waves 1-4 and even a few spoilers….

Now before  you read any more of this post, WATCH OUT THERE ARE SOME MAJOR SPOILERS!!! So look away if you like surprises.

Ok, here goes:

  • The line up for the figures  is collaboration with the Editor, the DC Direct team and Geoff Johns.
  • They are still working on some more Blackest Night Figures as later waves are in the planning stages.
  • It does not look like there will be a Hal Jordan and Sinestro figure. The only Hal will be a convention exclusive.
  • It sounds like they are working on a 1:1 Mogo figure (SEXY)!


Wave #1
– Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman 6.5″
– Alpha Lantern Boodika with removable face plate 6.75″
– Blue Lantern Saint Walker with power battery 7.5″
– Atrocitus with power battery 7.25″

Wave #2
– Black Lantern Martian Manhunter 7″
– Green Lantern John Stewart with power battery 6.75″
– Indigo with Power battery 7″
– Kryb with removable back cage that stores two alien babies 7″

Wave #3
– Black Lantern Aquaman 6.75″
– Green Lantern Arisia with power battery 6.5″
– Star Sapphire with power battery 6.625″
– Larfleeze The Orange Lantern with Glomulus and power battery 7″ (Glomulus is 2.375″)

Wave #4
– Black Lantern Firestorm 6.75″ to top of head (helmet increases height)
– Green Lantern Kyle Rayner with power battery 6.75″
– Black Hand with Batman skull 6.75″
– Wonder Woman 6.625″ to top of head (not shown)

Now stay tuned to Comic Impact as we’ll have reviews of these figures in future editions of Figure Friday!

Simon Daoudi