Collecting: Blackest Night 3 Action Figures

Published on July 21st, 2009

Sure they  don’t come out until March 3, 2010, but I love figures and you Comic Impact readers. So why not take a look at the Blackest  Night Wave 3 Action Figures? You know I will be picking up these figures!

This set has  Aquaman, the third member of the Black Lanterns; Arisia, the Green Lantern charged with protecting Earth; Larfleeze, the only living member of the avaricious Orange Lantern Corps, who comes with the slain – and slavish – Glomulus; and Star Sapphire of the Zamorans, whose members battle using the violet power of love.


I am not sure If I am going to get the Star Sapphire since I have one already  from the Green Lantern Series 3 Action Figure Set and it looks like the same figure. We will have reviews of these figures for  you Comic Impact readers when I get my hands on them. Why? Because I LOVE YOU! Now pucker up butter cup.

Simon Daoudi