Tea Time Thursday: Ellerbisms Volume 2

Published on June 24th, 2009

After last week’s Tea Time Thursday, in which I reviewed a great (but very serious) comic in the horror genre, this week I wanted to cover something a little more lighthearted!

So I was searching the shelf of British produced comics in my local comic shop this week, for something that looked as if it fitted the ‘little more lighthearted’ criteria of which I had subconsciously devoted myself to, when a comic caught my eye called ‘Ellerbisms’. I gave the description on the inside cover a quick read and thought to myself that this was perfect!

‘Ellerbisms’ is described as a ‘diary comic’ by it’s author/artist Marc Ellerby, and each volume is full of short comic strips about Marc’s life over the period of time it takes him to write each volume. It is worth noting that this is volume 2, and I would have picked up volume 1 had my local store not have sold out of copies. But take my word, it is not essential to have read volume 1 to enjoy this second volume, although if it’s anything as good as this then I’d advise you to check it out as well!


The short comic strips in here are really easy and enjoyable to digest! They’re funny, interesting and make you think to yourself “hey, that’s happened to me before!” or “that’s exactly how I felt!”. This volume tells stories of Marc’s time over at San Deigo Comic Con in 2007, and his various life experiences through to January 2008. These stories feel really human and it makes you appreciate the little things in life that happen to us on a daily basis; it’s about enjoying those little moments that often pass us by without a care or thought.

This comic has loads of cool little references to various bits of pop culture as well. If you’re a musical person then this will appeal to you in a kind of Scott Pilgrim-esque way! You also get some good movie references (The Darjeeling Limited for example, and that really made me excited because it’s one of my top 3 films of all time), and some little comic book references are in there if you were paying attention (like appearances from other comic book creators)!

What makes these comics really work is that they are so personal, which is probably due to the fact that they are not only written by Marc, but also drawn by him as well. His art style is very cartoony and uplifting, which helps to make these sweet stories more fun overall, and it compliments the auto-biographical style of the writing very well. These are engaging tales and you can connect to the stories and the characters on a much more personal level through the eye pleasing artwork.

So this was one good little comic that I’m going to be following from now on. Perfect for turning boring bus journey’s into something to look forward to! If you’re interested in this comic, then head over to http://www.marcellerby.com to view more cool stuff!

If you want to check out more of Marc Ellerby’s work, he has a comic published under ONI Press entitled ‘Love The Way You Love‘ , with writer Jaime S. Rich (who recently wrote a story in Madman Atomic Comic’s #16) which is available now. Aside from that, Marc’s work can also be found in ‘Phonogram 2’ published by Image Comics, which is also available. Stay tuned to Comic Impact for more of Marc’s solo projects coming out soon!

Rob Andrews