Review: Captain America #600

Published on June 16th, 2009

Captain America #600 is one big book that costs $5 (thank you Marvel) and contains five stories, although two of them are reprints. I hate when a book has more then one story line, nor am I a fan of having reprints in the back.

Yet I was lucky that Collector’s Paradise had this comic available on Monday so I didn’t have to wait until Wednesday. If you don’t want to know any spoilers stop reading and come back after you have read Captain America #600. Here is my review that will open up a lot of debates on this weeks POW (Pick of the Week) podcast.

Captain America #600 is  kind of a big deal  but is it  all that?


  • captainamerica600_1Origin
    This story is a reprinting of what first appeared in Captain America Red, White and Blue back in September of 2002.  It is just a recap of Captain America’s origin story. I guess if  you have never read his origin story this information is good to know.
  • Sharon Carter’s Lament
    So Sharon Carter shot Steve Rogers ( I think we all knew that fact), but now she has remembered that the weapon was NOT an ordinary gun. Kind of Bull shit if you ask me. It’s a way to say “hey we’re sorry we killed Steve Rogers but we need an ending to Civil War… so guess what- Sharon did not shot him with  an ordinary gun!” This story sets up the new mini series “Captain America: Reborn”.
  • The Other Steve Rogers
    This story talks about the 1950’s Steve Rogers and what’s going on with him since the death of Captain America.
  • The Youth of Today
    Rikki Barnes, Cap’s sidekick in the “Onslaught” universe, tries to befriend Elijah Bradley, a.k.a Patriot, from the Young Avengers.
  • Crossbones and Sin
    Not a lot goes down in this story line except that Crossbones is  laughing at the anniversary of Cap’s death, causing two prison guards to taser him. Then Crossbones runs around the prison looking for a woman who I think is the daughter of the Red Skull. Then some kind of gas comes in the room and the story is over.
  • The Avengers Dilemma
    The Avengers are working out and talking  if they are going to ‘suit up’ for Cap’s vigil. Bucky really wants to but Black Widow tells him it’s not a good idea since it would make them easy targets for Osborn and his Dark Avengers.
  • The Red Skull’s Delirium
    This is a two page story featuring the Red Skull reminiscing about his past with Captain America. Despite it’s brevity, the artwork is great.
  • captainamerica600_2The Vigilant
    Sharon Carter tells Bucky and the Avengers that she believes they can save Steve. Norman Osborn shows up and tellthe aforementioned crowd holding a vigil for Cap that the Iron Patriot suit colors are a symbol of what Captain America stood for, and that he wears the suit in honor of Steve.
    “Because some wars can only be won through careful use of P.R.Norman Osborn
  • In Memoriam
    Bernie Rosenthal (Steve’s former girlfriend) is talking to one of her friends about what it was like dating Captain America, and how she was there the day he was killed.
  • The Persistence of Memorabilia
    Is this story people are buying some Captain America memorabilia at an auction. It was interesting to learn that in the Marvel  universe Captain America has is very own comic book just like in our world.I did think it was cool that Tony Stark paid two million bucks for Captain America’s original Avengers ID.
  • Red Skull’s Deadly Revenge
    This is just a reprinting of the 1940’s  Captain America Comics #16.The issue concludes with a cover gallery of Captain America comic books throughout the ages. Over all Captain America #600 did not deliver for me. The only thing you really need to know from the issue is what Sharon Carter tells Bucky in The Vigilant story.

Make sure to check out this week’s POW as we talk more about this book and all  the titles that we felt had the most impact in the comic world!

Simon Daoudi