POW June 17th 2009:Captain America #600

Published on June 20th, 2009

We have another great POW (Pick of the Week) podcast headed your way boys and girls as this week Sheldon picks the best of the best, and he claims that it’s Captain America #600! Be sure to hear what Simon and Andy have to say about that…

Plus, tune in as the guys talk about Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #2, Batman: Streets of Gotham #1, X-Men Legacy #225, Captain Britain and MI-13 #14, Cable #15, Dead @ 17, Invincible Iron Man #14, and Invincible #63.

What’s more is Sheldon accosts a stranger about Steve Rogers, Simon wets himself (again), and Andy brings up a subject that may prompt a phone call from Chris Hansen!

Simon Daoudi


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