Interview:Adam Beechen

Published on June 15th, 2009

Join me  as  I talk with Adam Beechen (Countdown to Adventure, Robin, Teen Titans) about his new  project Killapalooza from Wildstorm!We  also talk some basketball, how the Lakers just won the NBA Championship, and how former NBA player Kevin Johnson is the current mayor of Sacramento. We  also discuss Beechen’s graphic novel ‘Hench‘, and about Warner Bros. acquiring rights with Danny McBride (Land of the Lost ,Tropic Thunder ,Pineapple Express).

Plus, you can win a signed copy of  Killapalooza by Adam Beechen! All you have to do is listen to the podcast and e-mail us the name of Adam’s first ever comic book when he was a kid and who his favorite NBA player of all time is. It’s that easy!  Also make sure to join the Killapalooza group on Facebook.

So go download the podcast, give it a listen, and win a free signed comic!

Simon Daoudi


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