Figure Friday: Batman DCU Classics Series 1

Published on June 26th, 2009

One of my favorite DC Comic characters is Batman. I used to watch the 1970’s cartoon (yeah, the one with Bat-Mite!) when I was only a few months old back in the 70’s, before Michael Jackson was walking around touching kids in funny ways. Oh shit was that to soon? Eep. So you want to take a guess at what figure we’re going to take a look at for this week’s Figure Friday ? That’s right- Batman from DC Universe Classics series 1!

Package Description:
After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life and fortune to protecting the lives of the innocent while striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Armed with an arsenal of gadgets, Batman patrols the shadows of Gotham City keeping the streets safe from crime

The Batman figure comes is about the same height that most superhero figures are nowadays. However, this Batman is shorter then Nightwing and they are both from the  DC Universe Classics toy line, which is weird.

For years now we’ve seen the ultra modern, dark black cape and cowl styled Caped Crusader – we’ve gotten used to this. This figure though has an earlier 80’s  look for the Dark Knight, and is modeled like something Neal Adams would have drawn.

That is fine by me since this is the DCU Classics series and it is my favorite look for Batman. The bat symbol on his chest is very defined and nice, but the blue areas can look a little too much like plastic.

Batman’s legs don’t have a lot of articulation since he’s in a standing position. I also think that future Batman’s will probably have a similar sculpt that I’m not to a fan of. He  has the  typical ball-jointed shoulders allowing for full range of motion, but no hand articulation. This sucks since he comes with some bad ass accessories.

The head permits him to look up and down. The cape limits some movement in the arms and feels way to plasticy (which is common with the DCU action figures) and it can throw him off balance when trying to stand him straight up.


Final Judgment:6/10
If you’re looking for a great Batman toy to have some fun with and create some great dynamic poses, than this is not the Batman you want. If you want to have him on a shelf with the rest of your figures then this one is ok for you. Right now he is next to the rest of my DCU Classics as I am working to get the entire JLA!

Simon Daoudi