Preview: Deadpool Merc With A Mouth # 1

Published on June 30th, 2009

We all know that I love Deadpool, but what about his new series Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth? Here is the description and a preview for this book:

HEAD TRIP, ” Part 1 of 6 It’s the Merc with two mouths! Deadpool travels to the Savage Land to retrieve what might be the deadliest bio-weapon the universe has ever seen. What is this deadly object? Well, Deadpool’s employer is being a little vague about that. Let’s just say when the secret is finally revealed, it’s enough to throw even the Merc with two Mouths for a loop…Oh hell, we can’t keep a secret, it’s the severed-but-still-hungry head of the Marvel Zombies Deadpool! To save the universe, Deadpool must team up with himself to dodge Hydra operatives, dinosaurs, cavemen and zombie cavemen as he attempts to take his not-so-precious cargo back where it came from: the Marvel Zombies Universe. Plus, a bonus reprinting of the first apperanace of Deadpool from New Mutants #98!





Now, in all honesty who does not enjoy Zombies or Deadpool? Oh yeah people who don’t enjoy fun (like Sheldon) that is who…

Simon Daoudi