Comic Film Snob: June 22 2009

Published on June 29th, 2009

Hello all! Not a lot of news this week, which is fine by me. However, I will say I was realllly looking forward to some kind (hell, any kind) of announcement from either Marvel or DC on their upcoming movies’ main characters. As Comic Con looms closer and closer it seems as though that will be the date for the release of many answers. I will get back to that topic at the end of this post, but for now lets look at what was actual news this week!

zakpenn_325x200Marvel let us know awhile back that writer Zak Penn was attached to the Avengers film, but now Zak speaks up for himself…what does he have to say? Well take it away Zak!

They’re doing Captain America and Thor first, and then Avengers is coming out. They want to see that they’re all connected, not like the Fantastic Four can’t come into the X-Men world, like I was told. I’m taking a meeting next week with the Thor and Captain America people, and we are all going to get together, and I will see what is going to happen. I’ll see where they are leaving the characters; it’s pretty complicated…There’s a board that is tracking what is happening…Marvel is autonomous now. It is night and day: Everyone has read every comic. They know how to make a cool movie.

Like I said, nothing really earth shattering but it is comforting to know that Marvel intends to cross over into other films’ plot points. Which to me is a great idea..I mean why not?  All these great characters exist, so why not let them interact in this crazy made up world! Major points for Marvel on that!

Marvel also released the Iron Man 2 teaser poster with the ‘less is more’ idea behind it. Lets hope it holds up!

Now on to D.C…..well kinda D.C… more like the Vertigo imprint at D.C., but D.C. none the less.

Shia Labouf is now saying that Y the Last Man might not really be out of the picture for him… not yet anyway. His direct quote is this:

Vaughn and Ellsworth and DJ are writing the script now. The script is not ready to be shot. DJ is making a different movie right now. He’s making “Jack and the Beanstalk”. There’s just other things going on with DJ and I wouldn’t want to make the movie with anybody else because he loves it like I do. But I don’t think Vaughn is trying to give it to anybody else. I think that it is something that’s very realistic, it’s just not in the pipe for the next year.

So there ya go! If you LOVED Shia in Transformers 2 (like most of the country did), than there is a good chance you will see him as Yorick in Y. He would be crazy not to accept the role…or maybe he will just take time off and roll around in the money he made from T2. Who knows? All I know is Transformers 2 made a SMALL SHIT TON of cash this past weekend taking in over $112 Million.

Cash cow in disguise…also Megan Fox…that is all.

Now that I have covered the bare bones of what happend this past week, I would like to make a small prediction…nay- a request. It occured to me the other day that I had no clue (other than Brad Pitt) of who I would like to see play  Captain America. Well, that time has now ended as I now know who would be THE Captain America.


Mark Valley!!

I think he would be perfect for the role hands down! Check him out by looking on the net for more pictures, and most of all let me know what you think! I don’t want to think I am nuts here so I’m hoping you fine folks agree!

Well, until we meet again faithful readers! If people ask you where you heard of the new Cap, tell’em The Comic Film Snob sent ya!

Sheldon Lee