Germany says NO to The Boys !!!

Published on June 30th, 2009

We all know that Nazi’s and the Swastika are the symbols of pure evil. So that makes for a great super villain named ‘Stormfront’ from The Boys right? Well it looks like some people in Germany don’t like the idea at all. After World War II, Germany banned the use of the Swastika for any reason whatsoever. So does this mean we’re to believe that in films or history books in schools there isn’t a Swastika to be found anywhere in Germany? It is not like this comic book is Nazi propaganda.

While I can understand this is their way of saying “Hey we’re sorry we killed over 6.0 million jews in World War 2, because we had our own super villain and he wanted to kill everyone,” I don’t think this character will make a German comic book fan say “Hey you know what? I want to be part of the Nazi party. Where do I sing up?!”


As someone who is part Jewish I don’t find the cover that bad. I think it does show that this is not a kid friendly comic (which you would already know it if you have ever read or just looked at an issue from the series). It is all about sex, drugs, and power, a.k.a the things that corrupt an innocent child’s mind. I on the other hand, enjoy reading The Boys, as it’s on my pull list.  I will talk about it this week on our POW podcast, and for those who care, The Boys #34 is written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Carlos Ezquerra (as opposed to series regular Darick Robertson), but the cover was done by Robertson.

Simon Daoudi