Reviews: Captain America Winter Soldier

Published on May 5th, 2009

Well everybody it is my turn again and this TRADE TUESDAY it looks like I am sticking with the whole Patriot theme I seem to be going with. So what is this trade Tues you may ask? Well go on ask. It is Captain America:Winter Soldier!!!

Captain America:Winter soldier is Written Amazingly by Ed Brubaker and Drawn Incredibly by Steve Epting.

This trade is a collected version of issues 1-6 in the latest run of Captain America.

captainamericawintersoldierRight from the start we are thrown into the action on the Boarder of Kazakhstan and Russia. The Red Guardian is being dragged in and laid at the feet of the Red Skull and formal Genreal Lukin like a dead dog that Lupkin puts down stating that  his men should give him(The Red Guardian) a proper burial as he represents what Russia once was. So right off the bat we are talking body count!!! From here we learn that the Red Skull has met up with Lupkin to look at an old bunker full of Comrade Karpov’s treasures and most valuable possessions from his former KGB days.Upon looking through all the old and impressive relics they run across a large tank with a man in it with what appears to be a bionic arm. The Skull immediately enquires about this peace. Lupkins only response is that it was a great secret weapon in the cold war and one that he would not part with unless the price was right. The Skull then says name your price and being the entrepreneur that Lukin is he asks for the Cosmic Cube. The Skulls response is basically ummmmmm NO.

We then jump 5 years to find the Skull in New York (cause that is where all the cool people live) and stating that he has a BIG plan to destroy Paris,London and Manhattan. Don’t they always though…super villains. So cute!!! He plans on using the death and destruction to fuel the energy of the Cosmic Cube and use that to complete his goal…and what might that be you ask? World Domination.

We then focus on the actual star of the book Steve Rogers who is doing a work out in his new pad while Sharon Carter sits by listening to his latest accounts and being all Emo Cap. They have a back and forth as to why she was assigned to watch him by Fury and she basically says she volunteered because she doesn’t put up with the hero worship bullshit. Nice! Then we go back to The Red Skull who while still staring out the window contemplating how he will spend all his Disney Dollars once he is ruler of the world get shot THROUGH the chest. No I didn’t say in the chest because that would imply that ohhh something hit him and he just got shot….no no this fool got a HOLE placed where his chest used to be! Then we see an unknown person in the dark talking on a cell phone stating that Yes he is dead and Yes I shot him. He then takes the Cosmic Cube and gets outa Dodge.

The previous event basically sets up all the players through out the entire book. We see Cap dealing with a flood of Memories that come back and he isn’t even sure they happened…or at least not the way he is currently remembering them. We see Nick Fury trying to almost push Cap in different directions while trying to find the kidnapper of Sharon Carter and we see a new character introduced right on the last few pages that we all know now is The Winter Soldier. A few deaths of major players in the Marvel U including Nomad and the few previously mentioned.

I love the team on this book. These are characters I never liked as a kid and still don’t if not written and drawn right. I can’t say enough though about them turning me on to Captain America. It is funny to me that you can have a life time of crap go through this character but all you need is one really good run to get a person hooked. I guess what I am trying to say is Epting and Brubaker are my crack and by god I am addicted.

If you want to hear me babble on about this book like a teenage girl about to have sex with a Jonas Brother then by all means you can download it below;)

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Sheldon Lee