Interview: Filip Sablik & Mike Choi

Published on May 14th, 2009

Join me as I talk to Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik and artist Mike Choi (Witchblade,Uncanny X-Men and X-Force) about Fusion #1, the new Marvel and Top Cow crossover! Hear Filip and Mike’s  commentary on 100 Bullets, DC’s Crisis, and what makes a GREAT Superman comic. We  also talk about what was the best Guns N Roses album of all time, AND some of the cool new stuff coming your way from Top Cow!


PLUS find out what Mike Choi did before he got his first job in the comic  industry, who has the best ringtone on their phone, and a lot more cool  stuff you don’t want to miss!

This podcast was recorded compliments of our pals over at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, CA!


Make sure to come back for our POW ( Pick of the Week) Podcast where we will talk about Fusion #1 and the rest of this weeks comics.


Simon Daoudi

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