Figure Friday: The Thing Marvel Universe

Published on May 29th, 2009

It’s Friday and that means time for a new edition of Figure Friday!  This week we take a look at The Thing in the Marvel Universe 3.75-inch action figure series. I love The Thing as he is my favorite member of the Fantastic Four… but does this figure do him justice?

Package Description

There was a time when Ben Grimm was consumed with anger over the hideous change wrought on his body by overexposure to cosmic rays. Over the years, he has come to accept his new look, and revel in the strength and invulnerability that came with it. After all, not many men on the planet can say they fought the Hulk™, and gave as good as they got.


As you can see in the photo that David took for us, he’s big and rocky (which is the perfect texture) with some of the rocks in a darker orange wash bringing out the details. GREAT JOB Hasbro! A big thing I HATE about this figure: the pants and boots. I’m not saying I want a nude Thing walking around the Marvel U but he looks bad with pants. Just give him some shorts… and what’s up with the boots?

Come on Hasbro. I know you can do better then that, like how you did a few years back with the Marvel Legends Ronan Series.



Another thing (get it?) I don’t like about this figure is how one hand looks like he is going to search for some Skrulls and kick ass, but the other one is open. I wish that both of them would be closed.  The Thing is pretty solid, standing in a variety of poses, but every one leaves him with goofy looking legs due to his big ass feet with those damn ugly boots. Still, this figure is a great sculpt of the character.

Final Judgment 8/10

I would give The Thing a higher  score but his hands are something that I really didn’t like, plus the pants and boots kill the figure for me. I can tell you though, that this figure is a lot better then  the other team member of the Fantastic Four that is out right now (*ahem* The Human Torch).

I hope  we can expect the rest of the FF sometime this year. If you’re a casual fan then you don’t have to go out to get this figure, but your if you are a  dedicated fan of Marvel’s first family then I would pick up this figure of The Thing!

Simon Daoudi