Figure Friday: Spider-Man Marvel Universe

Published on May 8th, 2009

So this week  for Figure Friday  we’re going to take a look at everyone’s favorite Wallcrawler and Webslinger. That’s right, the Amazing Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe line Wave 1.

Package Description

When he was 14 years old, a spider that had been irradiated in a nuclear experiment bit Peter Parker. Something in the spider’s venom changed him, over night, from the nerdy kid he’d been to something else entirely. Given incredible strength, speed and stamina, he reveled in his power. The tragic death of his uncle threw Peter’s good fortune into fierce perspective, giving him direction. From that day on, he vowed to battle evil wherever he could find it as The Amazing SPIDER-MAN.

Everyone knows what Spider-Man looks like. I know I do as on my left arm I have a Spider-Man Tattoo based on Tim Sale’s artwork in Spider-Man Blue.


The figure looks like the Human Torch sculpt. His costume doesn’t look that great since a lot of the web lines aren’t as straight as they should be. That isn’t attractive when you’re talking about Spider-Man since his costume is a big part of who he is. Come on Hasbro (I know that it’s difficult to paint a figure so small) don’t make Aunt May have to make a new costume for Peter! I know you can do better then that. The paint job on this guy looks like shit.

His head and feet feel like the right size with the rest of his body. His neck makes me feel like I am looking at E.T.

Spidey’s left hand seems smaller compared to his frame, and especially next to his right hand where he is giving you the shocker (Which I do in 98 % of all my photos). This figure comes with an accessory (a web shot) that does not want to attach to his arm. He’s actually one of the smaller figures in the Marvel Universe.


His head did fall off when I was taking the photo and I’m happily surprised at all the articulation on this figure .He has ball style shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, a ball style chest, swivel waist, ball hips, double hinged knees, and hinge/swivel ankles. There’s a lot you can do with Spider-Man and he does have a lot of great dynamic poses.

Final Judgment: 5/10

I would say go out and buy this figure if you’re a fan of Spider-Man like myself, but I am sure we will see a better looking figure sometime around Wave 10. I hope they fix the paint because it looks like shit, yet the figure does get some points because of the great articulation (and of course the shocker). But over all if you’re not a fan of Spider-Man just skip this figure.

Simon Daoudi