Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Captain America

Published on May 22nd, 2009

Since Captain America #50 came out this week, I thought it was a good time to do a Figure Friday on this Marvel Universe figure.

Package Description

CAPTAIN AMERICA is the living symbol of the spirit and strength of America. He was created by American ingenuity at its best. Wartime super science combined with the unbreakable will of a frail, young man named Steve Rogers to mold the ultimate soldier. The Super Soldier serum perfected his body, but it is Roger’s sense of justice, love of freedom, and determination to do right that make him a hero.


He has pouches with latches, a belt buckle, boot laces, boot stitchings and treads, and a scaled upper body. Not too bad for a smaller sized figure! Captain America has one of the most iconic designs in all comic book history, and this figure displays that.

I do think his shield is a bit to big for the figure. I have a hard time getting him to hold it since the hook used to attach the shield to his arm isn’t strong enough. So it keeps falling off… which sucks considering the shield is a big part of a good Captain America figure.

His mask is where this model lost some points with me. As you can see in the photo, the blue paint looks like it was done on the fly without any time put into it. Despite this flaw, the “A” on his mask is not painted- it’s sculpted- which rocks!

The legs on this figure have a nice effect, as they have a dark wash across them. For once I think Hasbro did something right. It gives you that real feel like Cap has been in a war and not just over at Sharon Carter’s for a booty call.


Like many figures in this line he has a leg longer then the other one so posing him is hard to do.

The shield has some elastic straps that allow Cap to place it over his shoulders like a backpack, and I love how you can do that. As previously stated however, I just wish he can hold his shield without it falling off. As I have talked about before with this Marvel Universe line, the torsos feel like they will break if I play with the figure. Again, this sucks when it comes to dynamic poses.

Final Judgment 4/10

This is not a great figure. However, I am happy to have it because I’m a Marvel zombie and Captain America is an icon in the world of comics. Plus, I’m working on an Avengers figure set to put next to all of my Avengers trades.

The figure lost a lot of points due to the fact that his shield does not want to hold. If you’re a fan of Captain America then go out and get this toy (even though it’s not that great).

If you have the chance to find the Marvel Legends Twin Pack with Cap and Ultimate Nick Fury or if you’re a fan of the new Captain America (James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes ) then get the Marvel Select model. Those two are better figures then this one.

Make sure to come back to Comic Impact as we talk about Captain America #50 by Ed Brubaker during our Pick of the Week podcast. Also, check out this month’s cosplay girl (Liz) who makes a gorgeous Captain America!

Simon Daoudi