ComicImpact Episode 50. Working Class Hero

Published on May 24th, 2009

That’s right the celebratory 50th podcast of Comic Impact is here! Join Simon, Sheldon, and Butmac as they talk about the upcoming games Infamous and Prototype, which is also a comic from Wildstorm. Find out the favorite comic book characters of the boys, what they think about Sam Raimi deciding to use Morbius as the main villain in the  next ‘Spider-Man’ film, and which 5 comics they’d pick if they could only  read that many for the rest of their lives!

But wait, there’s more! Find out who Sheldon would like to see play Union Jack in a movie, what Butmac’s thoughts on ‘Terminator Salvation’ were, and who is  going to be in Los Angels sometime next week!

Simon Daoudi

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