Deadpool is Kind of a Big Deal

Published on May 8th, 2009

deadpoolOK, if you listen to any of the podcasts that Sheldon and I have done (and if you haven’t WHAT THE HELL go subscribe now), you know he tells me all the time that my boy Deadpool is a C list character.

Well, I did some homework for the site, and read over at that the recent issue of Deadpool #10 is going back to the press for a new printing.  Sure this was the week after X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out, but let’s just take a look at the history of the “Merc with a Mouth” in the past year.

Deadpool # 1 by Daniel Way and artwork by Paco Medina went back to a second printing, and so did Deadpool # 2… oh wait so did Deadpool # 3 (still with Daniel Way and artwork by Paco Medina)! As did Deadpool # 9 and the issues of the Thunderbolts, X-Force, and Cable with him in it. He was also in Marvel Zombies 3.

Deadpool also has a  new limited series, Deadpool: Suicide Kings by Mike Benson, and a new ongoing series Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth by Victor Gischler.

So my question for Sheldon is: how is your boy Blue Beetle doing? That’s right, he does not have a book anymore.  Sure Blue Beetle  is on Batman: The Brave & The Bold, but  guess who was in  Hulk Vs ? I am sorry but Deadpool is not  a  C list character.

Simon Daoudi