Marvel Comics @ Taco Bell

Published on April 12th, 2009

captainamericatacobellSo I made a run for the border last night and while I was in line I noticed that if you were a People McNugget (aka a kid) you could get a kids meal with a Marvel Comic Book!!! It looked liked they had Four different books and of course you are urged to collect all four.The books included Captain America,Thor,The Fantastic Four,and The Avengers.

I am sure they are just reprints of older issues and it looks like they are at least using good artist on it to lure the taco infected children to read more. Finally this has merged two loves of mine in one awesome location!!!

Comics and late night drunkin runs to Taco Bell! Now if only I they could get my order right:( On a side note after I ordered my Cashier pulled one of the comics out and started reading it at the counter!! Haha man that is some Comic Impact on the job training right there!!!!

Also to all you fine religious folk out there I hope every one has a happy and safe Zombie Jesus Day;)

Sheldon Lee