World War Cupcake!!

Published on April 1st, 2009

Everyone knows I loved Planet Hulk but was slightly disappointed by World War Hulk. Well I am proud to say that after a little digging through the Comic Impact archives I found something that made me tear up and call each of my loved ones to tell them how special they are to me. What am I talking about?

World War Cupcake!!

This one-shot issue follows Frank Castle, The Punisher, perhaps the smartest man in the entire Marvel Universe. He realizes that him and the Hulk both get angry and what always calms down The Punisher when he’s angry? A dope cupcake that’s what! I won’t spoil the ending for you. But let me just say that The Punisher bakes Hulk a cupcake and makes him eat it and everyone is saved.


Butner “Extra Frosting” Brimberry