X-Men Origins: Wolverine Torrent?

Published on April 2nd, 2009

wolverinejokeYesterday was April Fools So when I first heard about this story I thought it was just a joke but now it looks like this was an real story. Now 20th Century Fox, the studio behind “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and the X-men films has issued an official statement about the film being leaked on the net.

“It was without many effects, had missing and unedited scenes and temporary sound and music”

“We immediately contacted the appropriate legal authorities and had it removed “

“The FBI and the MPAA also are actively investigating this crime”

I remember people downloading Star Wars: Episode One just a few days after the film had come out I knew people who had an early copy of it.

Now what I want to know is is this just hype from Fox trying to fix the issues with Deadpool? Since I know I am not the only one to be mad at them for the way he has turned out. But I am saving that for a later time.  Yet when there saying that “It was without many effects, had missing and unedited scenes and temporary sound and music” it sounds like their talking  about the issues with Deadpool to me when there saying, “ many effects, had missing and unedited scenes”

Maybe this is just pre hype from fox to have more hype around this film seeing as the last comic book film (Watchmen) is not doing that great in the box office after is opening weekend.

I don’t know how you can   stop something like this when  people are using torrent sites now. Will I watch it before it come out in May? Right now I don’t care about this film. I think it looks like shit and I keep having flashback of X3. I am not sure I want to go out and watch it so why would I take the time to download a film that I don’t give a shit about? I know if I did not do this site I would be ok with never watching this film.

Simon Daoudi