Umbrella Academy FILM

Published on April 8th, 2009

Universal Pictures is planning to make Umbrella Academy the first project to come out of its three-year production pact with Dark Horse Comics.Mark Bomback who worked on Disney’s film Race to Witch Mountain will be working on this film and  has been hired to write the film.

umbrella_academyFor sometime I have been saying that I have been loving this series of books. We did not get the chance do are Q and A with Gerard Way this past weekend since he was busy with a project.

“Umbrella Academy” which premiered in 2007 on Free Comic Book day after a six great issues(Apocalypse Suite). Now the team  of  Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá are on a  second series right now called Umbrella Academy Dallas.

The story around the Umbrella Academy is a group of seven superheroes ( My favorite is Spaceboy) who reunite after the death of their adoptive father who was a famous entrepreneur, and carry out his plan to save the world. Think of the X-men meet a Terry Gilliam film.

I know this is something I am going to keep my eye on and I would love to see some crazy  animation on this film. I DON’T WANT A LIVE ACTION FILM

Simon Daoudi