Gaming:Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Published on April 10th, 2009


Video games just got a little more “Rand”y this week with the addition of Iron Fist in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion. If you didn’t get that amazingly crafted joke then you would just absolutely hate me as a person. With Iron Fist confirmed that now makes it two characters so far that weren’t in the first game, the other being…Song Bird. It’s like they knew exactly which Marvel character I had almost forgotten about/never cared about and thought it’d be a great idea to slap them in the game! I think this means we’ll be fighting Paste-Pot Pete too.

The video above shows Iron Fist in all his cool, karate glory. I will say that I’m a little worried that his hand/fist never actually glows. I see a lot of bloom (moar bloom) and some sparkles, but lets hope Vicarious Visions (the developer) includes an ever-present glow on Danny’s hand whilst fighting. Another fun little fact is that you will now be able to fight as the original Heroes for Hire. VV will undoubtedly throw in a Heroes for Hire team bonus – the only question is who will round out the roster of your four man crew? My guess is Hulk, who is confirmed, but also Spider-Woman or if they wanted to really please Marvel fans, Scott Lang Ant-Man.

Butner Brimberry