Making Cupcakes relevant in your life.

Published on April 1st, 2009

Hi Cupcakers!!! Do you find that it is always so difficult to bring people to your obsession….er hobby? Do you sit and wonder during the day how to silent the beast that is your unstoppable hunger and murder lust for cupcakes?

I know you do! Well why not try something new!! Why not get other people invested in your passion!!! CUPCAKES!!!!!


It is really easy and all you have to do is start in your own home with your children or neighbors kids!! Remember the young are the most mold able….impressionable:) First you must find something that all the kids are talking about these days…… a popular movie, a book or even comic magazine characters!! I picked that new Watchman movie that all the kids are talking about!! Then you get them involved by decorating your delicious little gifts from heaven!!!

If you make the decorations relevant then it will be easy for world domination…..ummm Parties!!!! So the next time you are wondering how you are going to spice up your cupcakes think out side the box!! Have a cup of coffee and take a second to see what might lure…….get the kids interested!! Here is a  another idea I tried…oh those crazy dime book characters..

…POW!!!! Indeed

Sheldon”Tiny Cakes” Lee