Reviews: World War Hulk (X-Men,Front Line,The Incredible Hulk)

Published on April 28th, 2009

I think I’m going to turn green I’ve written and talked about Planet/World War Hulk so damn much. I read every single tie-in associated with the World War Hulk series. Today’s Trade Tuesday I am going to talk about which ones were good that you should check out and now dwell on the bad ones like I did last time. Speaking of which, wow, I wrote a lot didn’t I

World War Hulk: X-Men

When Hulk was sent into outer space by the Illuminati, one of the members wasn’t present to make this decision. That member was Charles Xavier, Professor X. So, Hulk sets out to find Xavier and ask him had he been present, what would he have done? Being the total pushover/ man of integrity that he is, Charles admits he would have blasted Hulk’s dumb ass into space so fast it would have turned him back into gray Hulk. Oh, but he would have brought him back…somehow…once a cure was found. Xavier surrenders to Hulk but oh, those rascally X-Men have something different to say about that. This series was pretty good if only because it’s fun to see almost the entire X-family reunite and fight. If story is your thing though and you aren’t a big X-Men fan, I wouldn’t recommend this one to you.


World War Hulk: Frontline

Frontline generally follows ex-Daily Bugle reporter, Ben Urich (whom I think I called Ben Ulrich in the podcast – apologies to Ben). Ben is starting up a rival newspaper that is being funded my a mysterious third-party who seems to want misfortune to fall upon the Bugle. Urich sees the Hulk story as a great opportunity for his newspaper to establish a reputation for itself, so he forgoes the evacuation of NYC to get the best scoops. For me though, the best part of this series was a detective named Danny Granville who is dating the other reporter at Urich’s paper. Granville is paired up with the Hulk’s warbound buddy Korg to solve a murder mystery. The arc is enjoyable and was a much appreciated change of pace whilst reading all of these titles.


World War Hulk: The Incredible Hulk

I think I’ve said this before, but if there is one thing that I’ve learned from the Planet/World War Hulk events, it’s that Greg Pak is an awesome writer. I was familiar with the name before reading all of these, but couldn’t recall any specific work he’s done. Obviously, you would expect the Hulk’s main book to be the best out of all the WWH tie-ins, and it is. We are introduced to Amadeus Cho, the seventh smartest person in the Marvel Universe, meaning he’s a mere two spots behind Stilt-Man. He organizes a team of allies for the Hulk including Hercules, Namorita, and Angel. Actually, this initially seemed like an alright idea, but as WWH progresses you start to realize Hulk is kind of being a dick and becomes a much less sympathetic character.

Butner Brimberry

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