Gaming: Ultimate Spider-Man 2 canceled?

Published on March 24th, 2009

Here’s a real mystery for you True Believers out there. The above images are excerpts from two individuals whose resumes claim they worked on Ultimate Spider-Man 2. That statement may not carry much weight, but if you’re a rabid comic book video game fan then you would know that that game has never even been announced.


In 2005 Activision released Ultimate Spider-Man. It was based off of the Brian Michael Bendis comic book of the same name. It used the same mechanics that Spiderman 2 did, in that it was an open world, GTA-esque environment. The game was received fairly well by both critics and fans alike, so the announcement of a sequel wouldn’t have been surprising. If anything, it should have been expected given that sequels seem to be the only thing developers make these days (that was a joke, we’re not opening that can of worms).

So what happened? Was Ultimate Spider-Man 2 canceled or is there a small chance it’s still alive and being worked on?

Butner Brimberry