Collecting: Marvel Universe Series 3

Published on March 18th, 2009

ironmanmarveluwave3So just few hours back  I had post about the Marvel Universe Fans Choice Winners , now we got some news about some new Marvel Universe  from  Hasbro.  The new images are from the upcoming Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ action figures.  Scheduled to arrive in April 2009 Series 3 ( Where is wave 2) hits retail with some new figures including:

  • Hand Ninja
  • Iron Man (Classic)
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Ms. Marvel (Classic)
  • Punisher
  • Spider-Man (Black Costume)
  • The Thing

Stay tuned to  Comic Impact as I am sure will have some of this figures on some up coming Figure Fridays . I will be on the look out  for a Iron Man (Classic) and The Thing for sure also I am sure Butmac will want The Punisher.


Simon Daoudi