Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Human Torch

Published on March 20th, 2009

humantorchmarveluSo all week long we have been talking about some of the Marvel Universe  from  Hasbro . Now we are going to take a look at one of these figures from Hasbro for  this weeks Figure Friday.  This figure? The Human Torch. Please note  this is  not the nova flame Human Torch figure.

Package Description

Johnny Storm was barely more than a kid when overexposure to cosmic radiation gave him his powers. At first, his youth made it difficult to control his powers, but years of experience have taught him a deep understanding of his talents. Now, a mere act of will is enough to cover his body with fire and fly at supersonic speeds, while the barest effort can result in a flame many times hotter than the sun.

Ok like I have post it before I am not a big fan of the size of these Marvel Universe Figure. Yet his face looks so bad it does not look like Johnny Storm he looks more like someone out of Dragonball Z.  The paint job on him looks like shit.  His  head can only look down and do a full 360 side to side. If his hair is on fire why is it  not the same paint job as the flame he has in his hand ? His legs can bend  60 degrees same as for his arms. His torso feel like I am going to break this toy if I play with  it. I guess the Marvel Universe have the same feel as the old G.I. Joe back in the 1980’s with the rubber bands because the Iron Man( read are review ) had the same feel.

This Figure has NO balance so is hard to have some cool dynamic poses he is  not that cool. I wish that Hasbro would taking more time. Kind sucks since I am a huge fan of the Fantastic Four.


Final Judgment: 2/10
The Human Torch would  look ok if you have a  collection of Fantastic Four figure But over all I don’t think I would tell anyone to go out and buy this figure. Let’s just hope they don’t mess up the rest of the FF when they do come out.

Simon Daoudi