A Cup of Nite Owl Dark Roast to go….

Published on March 23rd, 2009

Sure Watchmen was number five at the box office this weekend. But fanboys such like my self can’t stop thinking about it ( I need to watch it one more time). Now we I have no idea how I found this on Amazon but I just found the weirdest movie tie-in of all time. It is a limited run of organic coffee. Who does not love coffee right? It is 100% organic specialty coffee from WATCHMEN unit photographer Clay Enos and his Organic Coffee Cartel.

If you saw the film or read the book you know  there is a part where Dan (Nite Owl II) and Laurie ( Silk Spectre II) save a group from a tenement  fire. Once inside the Owl Ship, the survivors are offered what else? Veidt Enterprise’s Nite Owl Dark Roast.


It is one run of 10,000 produced, this is sure to be a distinctive and unusual collectible. I am not sure I would buy it but it is on my Amazon wish list.

Simon Daoudi