Reviews: Captain Britain and MI:13 Vol. 1: Secret Invasion

Published on February 24th, 2009

captainbritaincoverHello Lords and Ladies! I am glad to introduce the very first Trade Tuesday!! Every Tuesday we will be review a new TPB. So for any one wondering …was that a good story arch? Or how can I catch up? This is the place for you!! If not then keep going nothing to see here.

Our first Trade Paper Back or for the sake of lazy interweb writing TPB is Captain Britain and MI13: Secret Invasion!! This collects issues 1 – 4 of the new series. It is written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Leonard Kirk.

The book starts out right in the middle Secret Invasion so as some one told me “All you need to know prior to this book is that Skrulls are attacking”. The basic premises is that the Skrulls are after the Magic that resides in Avalon and the only way to get to it is through Good Old Captain Britain and the other super heroes of the British Isles who are now apart of MI 13 and sanctioned to protect Her Majesty’s Kingdom. I wont give away all the small intricacies but that is pretty much the first four issues. Our cast is rounded out thus far by Pete Wisdom (from Excalibur fame), The Black Knight, Spitfire, John the Skrull, and Dr. Faiza Hussain.

I used to be a big fan of the original Excalibur comics and this book hands down completely reinvigorates that feel of the earlier books. It could be because I am a big Anglophile but for me any way it makes characters that seem to be other wise irrelevant, relevant. The story moves along pretty fast and the look and artwork of the book feels very cinematic in the same way that the first run of the Ultimates looked like a film. I have read a few issues after this and they really only get better. So if you liked the old Excalibur then I would say pick this book up now….but you don’t have to take our word for it…….Reading Rainbow dooo dooo doo.

Sheldon Lee