Review: Bite Club

Published on February 17th, 2009

biteclub1The Complete Bite Club trade paperback was released over two years ago, but, as a late comix bloomer, I’m just starting to get my hands on the good stuff.

An amusing cross between The Sopranos and True Blood, the Bite Club graphic novel series takes a gander into a world where vampires not only co-exist with humans, they even rule the underbelly of Miami.

The DeSalvos, a vampire clan that has run Miami’s organized crime for almost a hundred years, are filthy bloody rich, sexy and to make matters worse, immortal. The advantage of time has made some of the family members, most notably the irresistible Risa – desensitized to pain, love, or any sort of human weakness. It’s a joy to watch Risa kick the kind of ass that many woman would die to try – running million-dollar businesses and trysts devoid of any emotion other than pleasure.

It’s snarky, bloody (see: hearts ripped out of chests bare-handed, then shoved down victim’s throat) and frankly, awkward to read on a crammed subway, given the graphic XXX and murder scenes.

Get your own taste of the action and pick it up here (you can get it used for cheap!) at Amazon; but first check in with your local shop to see if it’s in stock – got to keep supportin’!

Adri Cowan