Casting News: Youngblood

Published on February 14th, 2009


Ok so it is V-Day and not every one’s  heart is throbbing…personally reading this head line was more like Heart Breaking. Below is the official announcement from the Official Image website.

Rush Hour director puts YOUNGBLOOD movie on the fast track to becoming a feature film!

This past Monday Variety announced Rob Liefeld’s seminal superhero hit, YOUNGBLOOD, is on the fast track to the big screen courtesy of Rush Hour director Brett Ratner!

“Ratner is an A-list director whose blockbuster movies explode on the top box office charts and, more importantly, relates over the top action to the masses in ways no other director can – in other words, he’s the perfect director for YOUNGBLOOD,” Liefeld said. “It’s taken me nearly twenty years to find a director completely in synch with everything a YOUNGBLOOD movie would require and it was definitely worth the wait. I don’t doubt YOUNGBLOOD will evolve superhero movies in ways no one will ever see coming!”

YOUNGBLOOD launched Image Comics in 1992 and instantaneously created the creator-owned revolution with it’s genre-smashing storylines and explosive artwork. The original series, now collected in YOUNGBLOOD VOL. 1 HC, presented a superteam like none other at the time, featuring superheroes as celebrities who had more in common with pop stars, actors and product endorsing athletes. Until now the team has never transitioned to film, but they’re currently targeted to do so by 2012, the twentieth anniversary of YOUNGBLOOD and the formation of Image Comics.

YOUNGBLOOD VOL. 1 HC, a 152-page full-color hardcover for $34.99, is available now!

Look I really liked meeting Rob and think he is a super nice guy but man ohh man letting “The Rat” take your title and run with it is a SCARY prospect. The best thing he ever did was Red Dragon and half the reason it was so good was because he kept the feel of the original Silence of the Lambs film done by Jonathan Demme . Ratner ruined the entire X-men films with X3.  What do you guys think?

Sheldon Lee