NYCC 2009: McFarlane & Kirkman “Haunt”

Published on February 6th, 2009

Remember when Todd McFarlane use to do comics?

comicimpactnycc3Well guess what?

He is back His new series was announced today at the New York Comic Con. He will be working with Robert Kirkman on a new book call “Haunt” it is a combination of superhero action, horror comics. Ryan Ottley will be the main artist on the book.

“In that we’ve been trying to get this off the ground for over two years now. The main basis of the story is that there are two brothers who have hated each other for a good long time and are now forced to interact because one of them has died and is haunting the other “- Robert Kirkman

Haunt will be out in stores in June. What do you guys and girls think of a Kirkman and McFarlane team up?

Simon Daoudi