NYCC 2009: DC Comics

Published on February 7th, 2009

comicimpactnycc4Here’s some highlights  of  the DC Comics Panel.

  • There were mixed reactions from fans when Dan Didio asked who liked Final Crisis.
  • A new Animal Man series is on the way, not sure if it will be written by grant morrison or not.
  • All Star Batman is not canceled.
  • James Robinson is working on a new Shade origin project
  • If you didn’t pick up Legion of 3 Worlds #3, you missed the return of Bart Allen.
  • Aquaman returned in Final Crisis #7, he will also be in Blackest Night.
  • There are plans for more New Gods stories.
  • Grant Morrison will return to the Batman title in June.
  • No plans for Libra at this time.
  • Greg Rucka will be on Detective comics for at least 14 issues.
  • DC has  plans for a new limited weekly series
  • Superman will be  only seeing  in World of New Krypton.
  • Constantine will have  a new love interest in a tale written by Peter Milligan.

Vertigo Original Graphic Novels Announced:

  • Cuba: One Story
  • How to Understand Israel in Sixty Days or Less
  • Luna Park
  • Greek Street
Simon Daoudi