Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Iron Man

Published on February 27th, 2009

ironmanactionmarvelu1It is Friday so you know what time it is ………. That’s right is time to have some fun a new Figure Friday. This week we are taking a look at the new Marvel Universe from Hasbro. These figures are NOT the same size as the Marvel Legends. There are the same size as the G.I Joe and Star Wars figures also done by Hasbro.

So now that I got the size out of the way let’s take a look at are first Marvel Universe Figure that has come into the comic impact offices. We are going to start it off with the first figure in the line the one and only Iron Man.

Package Description

Multibillionaire industrialist Tony Stark has lived a double life as the hero Iron Man for decades. He is an engineering genius; the best weapons designer on the planet. He personally builds every iteration of the Iron Man armor, trusting no one but himself with the powerful technology he harnesses. He has used his dual role for both personal gain and the glory of mankind, as a solo adventurer, and a founding member of the Avengers.

The Package also has a photo of Nick Fury telling you to become a S.H.I.E.LD agent by going to a web site call

Ok this the first time I have one of this Marvel Universe so I am base all this on their other Hasbro line. That are the same size as the G.I Joe and Star Wars figures.

His head does a full 360 but yet it does not look down or up. His elbows move a full 90 degrees. So do his knees and they also do a 360 yet the torso can bend forward and has the same feel as the 1980’s G.I Joe’s (can we all say rubber bands?)

This figure looks really good in dynamic poses because the red and gold hides all the joints and body looks very fluid and natural. He can pull off the standard action poses for this line and its articulation, and looks great doing it.

Yet there is one issue I have with this figure. Is that he comes with a Repulsor  Ray Blast Effect but when you put it  on him he has no balance is just like if he had  a few shots of Jim Beam.

Final Judgment: 8/10
This Iron Man will look great in a collection. He is an excellent figure and will look good on a display shelf I know it looks great with the rest of my Iron Man toys. I just don’t like the size of this figures but I will get use  to it.

I hoping to get some more of these  figure for the site and also for my self.

Simon Daoudi