Casting News: Doctor Who

Published on January 3rd, 2009

The BBC have just announced that relative unknown Matt Smith will be replacing David Tennant as the Doctor in the long running British TV series Doctor Who.

Smith will be the youngest actor to play the part at 26 years of age. He is set to take over in the 5th season of the show in Spring 2010. David Tennant will continue playing the Doctor in 4 specials during 2009.

The Doctor is a 900 year old time travelling adventurer who can regenerate to avoid death. Smith will become the 11th actor to take the roll in the TV series.


The show celebrated the 45th anniversary of its first airing in November 2008. It returned after a long break in its new form in 2005 and has proved a massive hit for the BBC. Smith has previously worked with popular Doctor Who companion Billie Piper in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Ruby in the Smoke.

So will he be any good as the Doctor? Too early to tell, but he looks kind of weird and strange finger movements, so he’ll make a good alien. The announcement was made on a special TV show on BBC1 Saturday 3rd Jan (09).

Mathew Hyde