Collecting: Iron Man Hot Zone Armor Figure

Published on January 1st, 2009

So last night I was lucky to find one of the new Iron Man action figure concept series (Hot Zone Armor) at the Target next to my house. I know what you are telling your self this look just like the Stealth Operations Armor (War Machine) and you know what your right. Because all it is a repaint of that one. Yet I never found the Stealth Operations Armor since it was only available as a Wal-Mart Exclusive. I don’t feel like buying one for $30 on line. So I took a few photos to show you what this bad boy looks like.


I know the pain job on this figure does not look to clean but I think it is the way it was design.


The back of the box tells us this much.The Hot Zone Armor is not as sophisticated as the regular Iron Man armor, but what it lacks in stealth technology and artificial intelligence, it more than makes up in firepower. Designed to go places Tony Stark’s normal armor can’t, the Hot Zone Armor is the ultimate peacekeeping force.

Now it is  on a shelve next to my mac in my office/bedroom. With the rest of my Iron Man figures.

Simon Daoudi