Review: Final Crisis #6

Published on January 14th, 2009

One of the best things about this site is input and mail from our readers and fans. And, since I received over 20 emails about this subject – the new Final Crisis – I thought it would be important to address.

PLEASE HIGHLIGHT over the text to read this blog ­ it has A MAJOR SPOILER.

finalcrisis61It looks like it’s finally happened ­ – something we’ve never expected to occur in the history of comics. The man in the cowl is NO MORE, thanks to Grant Morrison, who happens to be one of my favorite writers in the world of comics. But Morrison’s been accused of creating Batman R.I.P. as a gimmick to draw in the Dark Knight fans that have either never read a comic or have stopped reading them.

But it’s no joke – Grant Morrison claimed that he wasn’t interested in killing characters; he prefers them suffering a fate worse than death (I love that idea, by the way).

This is apparent in Batman R.I.P., when The Black Glove (who knew Batman’s identity) tried to destroy Bruce Wayne’s life. They drugged him, made him go apeshit, and then kicked Alfred’s ass. They also destroyed the Batcave and conjured up a sex scandal involving Bruce’s family, attempting to obliterate all aspects of his livelihood. Then, the Black Glove’s leader claimed to be a still-alive Thomas Wayne who arranged for his wife to be murdered and faked his death. I am sorry, but that is the ultimate mind-fuck, am I right?

Well now, thanks to the new issue of Final Crisis #6, Morrison told comic fans that Final Crisis would take place after Batman R.I.P. and that it would be left ambiguous as to the identity of the Batman in Final Crisis.

What I know of the issue Batman goes one-on-one with Mr. Badass himself, Darkseid. Right after he¹s done taking down Darkseid, Batman’s death is in fact quite literal, as seen in the issue’s final page…

NOW who will be the man in the cowl? Will it be Nightwing? Robin? Someone else? And if DC is talking about having Bruce Wayne return, how the hell are they going to do it?

What do YOU guys think?

Simon Daoudi