Sneak Peek: X-Men Origins Wolverine

Published on January 1st, 2009

So now that watchmen may never come out. The next big Comic book base film of this year is X-Men Origins Wolverine. Entertainment weekly has some photos of their first look at 12 big movies coming in 2009.The one for Watchmen is one of The Comedian. That has been on line since March of last year. But yet I have never seeing this new photo of Hugh Jackman is super macho Logan.


I know part of the scene was in the trailer. But looking at the trailer I am not jumping up and down to watch this film. Maybe because X3 may me feel like I got kick in the nuts by Juggernaut. I know a few forums that I go to people where talking more about the cameo by Gambit then Wolverine. I think is kind of funny and I just want to see Deadpool kick some fucking ass in this film. I will be a happy fan boy.If Deadpool rocks. What do you guys think ?  Is this going to suck the big one or is it going to be the best comic book film of all time.

Simon Daoudi