Origin of ButMac

Published on January 25th, 2009

comicimpact8butmacIt is time for a new roundtable podcast join Simon, Butner and Adri as they talk about the New York Comic Con, Non-Super Hero comics, Secret Invasion did it live up to the hype ?

Also we talk about one of the best shows and one of the worst shows on TV. All this and find out the Secret Origin of ButMac


Running time: 0:54:39

0:0:01   Intro with Comic girl
0:0:13   Welcome message and Secret Origin of ButMac
0:2:53   New York Comic Con 09
0:10:10 What do Lady’s like reading in the world of comics.
0:17:31 Simon talks about his hate for Frank Miller
0:22:55 Secret Invasion did it live up to the hype ?
0:34:57 Comic Book Layoffs
0:42:01 Message from the support team
0:42:13 Batman: The Brave and the Bold vs Wolverine and the X-Men
0:54:24 Outgoing message with Comic girl

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Simon Daoudi