Reviews: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode 7

Published on January 22nd, 2009

I don’t know what it is about Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but I can’t stop watching it and it makes me giddy as a child. If you’ve never heard of or seen an episode of Batman: TBB, let me catch you up. Each episode begins with a 3-minute short of Batman and another DC character teaming up against some challenge which has nothing to do with the main episode in any way. Are you hooked yet? Me too.
This past week’s episode entitled, “Dawn of the Dead Man” featured Batman and the scarcely known Deadman teaming up against Gentleman Ghost. Something I’ve noticed in these episodes is that Batman is at the absolute peak of human abilities. He can leap 15 feet into the air, break free from any chains and shackles, or do any amount of flips from any given height, and then land it. I say that because in this particular episode, we begin with Gentleman Ghost killing Batman.

Well, not exactly. He just traps him in a coffin underground with a limited supply of air. So what does ol’ Bruce do? Well he uses an ancient Chinese secret and projects an astral plane version of himself so that he can fly around and find some local hero to dig him up. This is when we meet up with Deadman. He tells Batman a bit about his back story of how he was an acrobat in the circus but was mysteriously shot during a show one night, and they never found his murderer. Well of course Captain Know-it-all remembers the case and vows to find out who the murderer is.


So, now that Batman and Deadman are BFF they fly around London (oh, did I forget to mention we were in London?) looking for a hero to dig up Batman’s booby trapped coffin. While they are doing this, Gentleman Ghost is riding around collecting artifacts to raise and army of undead to do his bidding. The artifacts are your standard tools for raising the undead: a key, a noose, and a quill. You take the quill, draw a circle on the ground, then use the key to open that now magical circle, and then of course once open you hang the noose over the opened circle so the spirits can fly through it and retain their physical forms. Surely someone can think up a new process for Necromancers, because this one is stale.

Meanwhile, Batman and Deadman run into Speedy and Green Arrow and ask them for help in digging up Batman’s body before he runs out of air. I won’t ruin the episode or tell you if they are able to save Batman’s life but I will tell you that there is an awesome fight scene at the end between Batman, Deadman, Green Arrow, and Gentleman Ghost’s minions. It’s awesome because Batman is possessing Speedy’s body, Deadman is possessing Batman’s body, and Green Arrow as arrowheads made of Nth metal. This show is a DC fanboy’s dream come true and if you aren’t watching this show regularly, you need to rectify that at once.


Butner Brimberry