Comics on Film

Published on August th, 2011

In the days of old, “Comics on Film” was its own Comic Impact video where Ian and Ken discussed the movies and television shows that were influenced by our favorite comic book characters. We all care about the actors and filmmakers representing the characters we’ve loved for so long. We’ll all miss the era of Ian and Ken, but gone are those days. Now, we have entered the realm age of The Impact, a weekly column where we read about comic news, including the film industry. The video segment still exists in our monthly program “Did You Catch All That?” hosted by Simon, Sheldon, and Susan with special guest Matt Todd of The Impact. Take a look at the old and catch up on the new all at ComicImpact!

Comics on Film: April 19th 2011 Comics on Film:April 12th 2011
19 18
Comics on Film:April 5th 2011 Comics on Film:March 29th 2011
17 16
Comics on Film:March 22nd 2011 Comics on Film:March 15th 2011
15 14
Comics on Film:March 8th 2011 Comics on Film:March 1st 2011
13 12
Comics on Film:February 22nd 2011 Comics on Film:February 15th 2011
11 10
Comics on Film:February 8th 2011 Comics on Film:February 1st 2011
9 8
Comics on Film:January 25th 2011 Comics on Film:January 18th 2011
7 6
Comics on Film:January 11th 2011 Comics on Film:January 4th 2011
5 4
Comics on Film:December 28th 2010 Comics on Film:December 21st 2010
3 2
Comics on Film:December 14th 2010