Published on January st, 2009

About Us!!!
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Comic Impact is your one stop shop for everything impacting the world of comics! Join the Comic Impact team weekly as they talk about new titles that are released and have a Pick of The Week! That’s not all though! The team also does a show called The Impact where they go over major things happening in comics that also bleed over to TV, Film & Games!

Comic Impact is not just limited by these two podcast they are constantly growing to include interviews with your favorite writers and artist and coverage of BIG events like SDCC as well as developing new podcast for you to enjoy. Whether you are just now getting back into comics or you are a life long fan like Sheldon and Simon, Comic Impact is the one place for you to catch up and stay on top of everything that is going on in the world of comics!


Aaaanyway, we would love to hear from you – the fans – because (if you haven’t already noticed) we are fans too!We work for free (for now any way….ahh maybe one day) and put all our articles up here on Comic Impact for you guys ,so let our writers know how much you appreciate it ! Comment! Cause as cool as getting to interview big names and getting cool swag for pay is ,it is always better to know that people are reading what you are writing.What do you love? What do you dislike? What could you care less or more about in the world of comics? Please feel free to contact us, and make sure to add us on, follow us on TumblrTwitter, YouTube,and join our Facebook page.



Simon Daoudi – Owner

SimonBioSimon enjoys reading comics. Oh wait, no, he LOVES reading comics. As a kid, he was watching the old 1970’s batman cartoon (yeah, the one with Bat-Mite!) when he was only a few months old.

He lived in France as a kid and that’s is why he talks kinda funny and loves Eurotrash comics such as Asterix, Lucky Luke, Judge Dredd and TinTin.

When Simon returned to the States, he fell in love with the X-Men and knew that he wanted to draw comic books. After getting sick of art school because of all the bullshit, he took up Graphic Design and now works as a freelance designer and use to works at a Comic Shop  in Los Angeles . A few years ago he fell in love with podcasting, and in June of 2008 he came up with BagsandBoardspodcast.com, which is now known as ComicImpact.com

When he is not designing something or bitching out a comic he enjoys photography, reading books (yes, the ones with out pictures), Taking his pug (Yogi) out for long epic walks and pondering philosophy as he gets more tattoos. If he was a comic character he would be Scott Pilgrim / The Hulk, because he loves music, and when there isn’t any, he’s been known to get frighteningly disgruntled.

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Sheldon Lee – Owner

SheldonBioI was born into a clandestine family of ninjas in the deep southeast of the American Colonies, I began my training to become a great super hero / zombie killer with a heavy emphasis on quips! Any way… I started reading comics at a young age and got my hands on early issues of Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, Iron-man,Teen Titans, The Incredible Hulk, and Amazing Spider-Man.

Needless to say, I was a fan boy early on thanks to my uncle’s extensive Marvel Collection. Once I started really getting into comics and deciding what I liked, guys like Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and Rob Liefeld came onto the scene and I was hooked! I fell out of comics for a bit in high school, but sometime in 2001 I became a comic shop weekend manager and I was once again…hooked. When I am not diving face-first into comics and coming up with new digital content for the site I am busy working in the Film and Television Industry or my other loves – acting,writting,music and video games!!

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Noelle Raemer

My name is Noelle Raemer. I am a career Soldier and a life long lover of comics and video games. I grew up in Seattle and my interest in super heroes started before I could even read. I used to listen to Marvel and DC read alongs, yes, the ones on records that would “ding” when it was time to turn the page! The next logical step was reading the countless comics my brother had in his collection until I was finally able to buy my own. I have always loved DC and Marvel, my go-to books are Batman and the X-Men, but I’ve been trying to branch out in recent years and have found some of the best titles among Image, Darkhorse, and other indy publishers. I love attending comic conventions and meeting my favorite writers and artists. They are some of the most down to earth, appreciative of their fans, well known people I have ever met. There is nothing better than the look on their faces while we talk endlessly about comics.

When I’m not reading and talking all things comics, I’m drawing constantly (usually comic characters), planning new costumes, collecting an obscene amount of figures, statues and memorabilia, staying active, playing video games, and loving my puppy bears, Aang and Kadaj. I am also a member of the non-profit organization, East Coast Avengers for charity work and am enjoy helping charity events across the country. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Comic Impact family and I hope to connect with other comic lovers for recommendations, friendly debates, and conversing about all things nerdy!